Inauguration Ceremony: A new dawn for ABUAD CMDA chapter (with photos)

On the 8th of July 2017, the day broke with a distinctive atmosphere. The entire complex wore a graceful robe of excitement with a light shade of tension. Every head pointed in the direction of the auditorium. It was a day for the inauguration of the chapter. The Christian Medical and Dental association of Nigeria – students’ arm Afe Babalola University (ABUAD)Chapter was conceived on the 23rd of November, 2013 through the consummation of God’s grace and human sacrifices and on this day was undergoing a rite of passage. A transition from an upcoming chapter to a full chapter.

The ceremony commenced at 11am graced by the presence of some past and present members of the CMDA national executives: Bro. Sunday Andrew, Bro. Ajah Ogbonnaya, Sis. DeNwigwe Winfred, Dr. Seyi Adeshina (The national president, national general secretary, financial secretary, immediate past prayer secretary respectively), brethren from OAUTH and LAUTECH teaching hospital, also EKSUTH chapter, great friends of the chapter like Dr. Olulade Ebenezer (president OAUTHc 2013), honourable representatives of the Doctor’s arm CMDA Federal Teaching Hospital Ido-Ekiti (Dr. Akinbade, Dr. Olapariola, Dr. Oloruntoba, Dr. Olomodeji) and of course the enthusiastic members of CMDA ABUAD chapter. As the day progressed, we were joined by other national executives Sis. Odunola Modupe, Bro.Olawale Adediran, Bro. Nonso Okongwu (national editor-in-chief, western zonal coordinator and western zonal secretary respectively) and Afolabi Toyosi representing BOWEN university chapter.
The ceremony continued in an eccentric crescendo from an opening prayer anchored by Bro.Elijah Ogunwusi to a glorious praise and worship session led by Sis. Igbokwe Chisom. It was followed by a gratitude-filled opening remark by the school coordinator, Okeke Charles after which a harmonious rendition was made by the choir. Shortly after that, the national president gave a brief but expository sermon about planning, waiting/watering, taking responsibility and keeping in tune with God’s plan as the chapter continues in its activities. In his words, he quoted Stanislaw Jerzy lec who said that “youth is a gift and old age is a work of art”. He enjoined the members to be patient with God at every stage of growth in the chapter. He ended with these words “The inauguration is not just an inauguration of a chapter, rather it is the equipping and licensure of the God’s people to officially become a part of a family they were already a part of.”
While every mind ruminated the words of admonition, the president of the mentoring chapter Bro. Jegede Gbenga reported the activities of the chapter since inception. At last time came for the actual deal for the day! (THE INAUGURATION). The national president started off this session by greatly acknowledging everyone who has at different points and levels coordinated the affairs of CMDA in the chapter. Without much ado, the new executives were welcomed to the stage in a company of applauses, cheers and shouts of acclamation. There was a release of unequalled grace to the executives as the national executives, CMDA doctors and senior friends laid hands on them. Once more, a gratitude laden speech was made by the newly commissioned school president, Charles Okeke who also assured the house saying “God who brought us this far will lead us even to greater heights.”
Furthermore, the house received counsels from senior doctors and friends. Dr. Olapariola reminded us that God wanted us to be His witness within and globally. Dr. Olulade admonished the house to derive strength from her diversity. Dr. Akinbade enjoined the house to remain true witnesses now and after school. Finally, Dr. Seyi Olomodeji reminded us from the scripture in 1 Thess.5:24 that we are co-workers with Christ and faithful is He who has called us. In the capacity of the freshly released anointing, the welfare department rendered service the bodies of everyone present leaving all with no option than smiles.
The inauguration ceremony finally came to an end at about 2:30pm with a closing prayer by the western zonal coordinator, Bro. Wale. Thereafter, everyone departed in joy ready to function as an independent chapter in the journey from neonates to adulthood.


Entering into the fourth dimension


Doing it like David did!


We have come to Rababa eh!




President Charles Okeke giving an opening remark


Mr. Anderson gracefully inviting God’s presence through worship 


Mr. President and Mr. President 


Spiritual Impartations 


Let praises rise from the inside


The medical chapel choir ministering in the realm of the Spirit 


Funmi pours her heart out


Listening to the Rhema of the Word!


Worshippers in Spirit and Truth


Nonso (Western Zone General Secretary) and Dr. Oloruntoba offering their sacrifice of praise


National Executives


The ABUAD CMDA executives


Another look at the ABUAD CMDA executives


Impartations on the newly inaugurated executives 


Anointing God’s vessels


Another look


The welfare unit ‘caring for the whole man’


Man shall not live by the Word alone


ABUAD chapter presenting a token to our mentor chapter, OAUTH


Dr. Seyi giving some of  nuggets of wisdom


Hey Toyosi!🙋


Our one and only Editor-in-chief 


Our welfare secretary, Seun Adelugba


He goes by many names, but you can call him Mr. Money (Elliot A, Financial Secretary)


Group photograph!


Photo with the National Executives


ABUAD editorial team with the National Editor-in-chief 





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