Life Song (by Ohis)

Ever listened to a song and felt it was talking to you or about you? It is said that music is an expression of the soul. Every song we hear is an expression, a view of someone’s consciousness. By extrapolation of this concept, the world we live in, has its own song, an expression of a consciousness, the divine’s consciousness.

Now we listen to songs and try to connect our lives to it – hook, line and sinker – trying to fine tune our lives into their view of things. In this we are limited, blinded if I may say, when in truth, everything that lives has a song to sing and an expression to give, which are just parts. Although, each has its faults. But the song of the Divine is endless and dynamic, perfect and without limits. This song is everywhere and within. It is a melody that nature sings, a humming in our hearts; because in listening to its melody it becomes clearer – our true nature, the true expression behind our existence, our purpose.
Listen to the whispers of the wind, the chanting of the birds, the clapping of the trees and the humming of your souls. There you will find what you seek, the true ‘you’.


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