Disunity really is bad business

Let’s take a trip down a painful memory lane shall we?

From 1939 to 1945, the deaths of 80 million+ people was an indicator that The World had witnessed her bloodiest and deadliest conflict ever. It was brutality and destruction on some very astronomical scales. At its epicentre was an Austrian-born German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. Hitler, together with his well-drilled, well-indoctrinated and cold-blooded Nazi army, marched almost effortlessly into Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Ruthlessly destroying those Nations at a speed that shocked the assailants themselves. This happened right under the noses of the Superpowers; (US, Britain, France and The Soviet Union; now Russia). Their silence and inability to unite under the anti-war umbrella plus their different political ideologies ensured that they regretfully watched the ruins of those Nations as impotent giants as all they could muster were half-hearted oratorical responses. Of course it came back to haunt them. All of them got served one way or another, the devastating and awfully sour War buffet: the attack on pearl Harbour in The US, 1940 invasions of Britain and France and 1941 invasion of Russia as quick instances.

The story of The Second World War is an illustration of what The Church is gradually sliding into. The Church has been sharply divided along Doctrinal lines thus opening up for wave after wave of attacks and surprisingly in some cases, victory by the ever-united Kingdom of Darkness. Allegiances have changed subconsciously. It’s really not about The Husband of the Church these days. The Church has almost completely ignored the warnings of 1 Corinthians 1: 10-13. The proverbial “Stronger bunch, weaker individual broom stick” cannot be more correct. “One Church under The Authority of The Christ” is fast paving way for subconscious individual pledge of loyalty to Church doctrines and Leaders of those church denominations (G.Os, Bishops, Pastors and the likes). But the dangers are grave! VERY GRAVE!

The lack of protection and vulnerability of the “weak believers/new converts” is guaranteed by the disunity of their firmly rooted counterparts. The stronger believers selfishly build and fuel rivalries at the expense of nurturing those coming up. Obviously, this leaves the weaker ones to help themselves and in the case where the foundation is weak, the devil comes in and lures them away or runs them over- similar to the Invasions of Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland by The Nazi. Same process is repeated. Rinse and Repeat.

But then 1 Corinthians 12 vs 27 (“And whether one member suffer, all members suffer with it; or one member is honoured, all the members rejoice with you”) clearly gives us a reason to be United. The Superpowers suffered so yes, even the stronger Christians also get to have their portion of the bitter pill. The war against evil is a forgone conclusion. We’re victors. However, battles here and there that evil might triumph in as a result of our disunity might leave significant damages, loss of souls from Christ’s body and territories that might never be recovered. Remember, as much as Adolf Hitler lost the war to The Allies, he was still responsible for The Holocaust; a tragic systematic murder of some 6-8 million Jews. Those lives were never recovered.

Disunity does no one any good. If anything, it hurts the body of Christ greatly.

Apostle Paul, by the inspiration of The Holy Spirit has WARNED US!


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