Easy Steps to Recalling the Components of Cyanotic Heart disease (CHD)

As basic as cyanotic heart disease is, it is very much easy to forget some of the components. Okay, at least for me and for some other people whom I’ve asked about it.

Before going down to read this post, try to palpate your brain and know if you can reproduce all the components of cyanotic heart disease flawlessly and in a single breath. I guess you couldn’t but if you could, kudos to you for being a boss. Anyways, I would like to put up a mnemonic that would help us remember the components of cyanotic heart disease with great ease and I hope it would stick with us forever.

Components of CHD until today by God’s grace are just five and we can use our five fingers โœ‹ to remember them. Now let’s go๐Ÿ‘‰.

1. Truncus Arteriosus: We can remember this by raising our thumb on a fisted hand like when saying ‘Good job’ย ๐Ÿ‘


2. Transposition of great vessels: We can recall this by transposing our thumb over our index finger or much easier, transposing your index finger over the middle finger like:

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Tips on how to better retain information acquired- by Obinna

You donโ€™t need to read for 24 hrs to be able to retain information read. An average student can become excellent by just applying the following:

Consistency and suitable reading time: Developing a reading habit is key to all others keys. Read at least 2hrs daily and consistent.

Meditate on what you have read: This is where asking the question “why?” and “how?” comes in. This helps you to unravel and demystify the mystery in what you are reading

Stuff evangelism: (Still searching for the bible verse) In the world of medicine “stuff” refers to medical knowledge. Be all about the giving. Stuff is meant to be shared. Most stuff not shared tends to degenerate and breakdown. Endeavour to teach your friends what you learnt/read because teaching is an act of giving. Remember that retrieving and storing helps the memory.

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Time: One of the most misused assets

Time is one of the gifts God uniformly gave us all without anyone having more of it than the other (the rich and the poor have equally). The irony of it all is that it is one of the recurrent few opportunities that is very easy to mismanage and get the chunk of it wasted, yet we all clamor that we need more time. God cannot be more generous than the 24 hours a day He has given us all. Life is all about investments. Whether you believe it or not we spend most of our lives investing. In our relationships with people, our discussions, our moving around, our reading/studying or even while eating or sleeping (as funny as it sounds) we are all investing. The only factor connecting all these forms of investment is time.

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