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A Good and Faithful servant gets a deserved rest (A tribute)


His uniquely fierce voice drilled the simple message of salvation into the hearts of hundreds of millions during his lifetime.

For the most part of Tuesday 20th February 2018 and the early hours of the following day, Wednesday the 21st, there was a persistent nudging in a mind to write about a favorite General of Faith.

3:18pm Wednesday afternoon, I got a text from a friend, albeit an unlikely source. The news? One of the most prominent labourers in the field of the Master of the 20th Century had gone to be with the one who sent him.

The Reverend William Franklin Graham Jr had passed on 9 months short of his centenary anniversary.

The General of Faith whose life I had the urge to write about had changed address like he told us he would eventually

“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead- don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God”- Billy Graham

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On the 27th and 28th of May 2016, CMDA-Students ABUAD made their debut visit to Ipere-Ekiti, a village in Iye district, Ilejemeje Local Government Area of Ekiti State. It signaled the beginning of a very special love affair that would eventually be spiced up with follow-ups at intervals and the likes.

On the day of the Lord, the very first day in the 9th month of the 17th year in the 21st Century, CMDA-Students ABUAD had their second coming.

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“The major thing that inspires my decisions is fear of failure”- Gift Onuh

She walked in dressed in a black peplum top and blue midi skirt with her mobile phone in hand. The appearance subtly gives an exposé about the personality of this character. Simplicity seems to be her sophistication. A down-to-earth yet confident look with a charming smile to match was difficult to miss.

A lady of amiable charisma and gentle spirit. She’s a devout chorister blessed with a soft resonant voice. She’s the ever fervent 400LA CMDA class coordinator, Gift Onuh.

4. No crime against taken a brief photo-op just before a fascianting tete-a-tete.JPG
Absolutely no crime in a quick photo-op before a real nice chat. L-R; Blessing Ibe, Gift Onuh and Betty Olowokere

Candentia correspondents Betty and Blessing engaged her in what was truly a fascinating chat. Excerpts below

BLESSING: Hello, please introduce yourself.

GIFT: I am Onuh Gift. I am the second of five children. I’m of the Igala tribe in Kogi state but I’m resident in Nasarawa state. I am a little above 19 years old.

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The Gospel on the frontline

The Climax of the movie ‘Selma’ (2014) saw Actor David Oyelowo re-enact Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s passionate speech on the steps of the Alabama State Capitol after a successful march in March 1965. He recited the first stanza of what is now known as the ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’.

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord…” he cried. Then with “Glory Hallelujah! His (God’s) truth is matching on,” he roared in conclusion, sending his audience into raptures and earning himself a rousing ovation.

They had won!

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Disunity really is bad business

Let’s take a trip down a painful memory lane shall we?

From 1939 to 1945, the deaths of 80 million+ people was an indicator that The World had witnessed her bloodiest and deadliest conflict ever. It was brutality and destruction on some very astronomical scales. At its epicentre was an Austrian-born German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. Hitler, together with his well-drilled, well-indoctrinated and cold-blooded Nazi army, marched almost effortlessly into Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Ruthlessly destroying those Nations at a speed that shocked the assailants themselves. This happened right under the noses of the Superpowers; (US, Britain, France and The Soviet Union; now Russia). Their silence and inability to unite under the anti-war umbrella plus their different political ideologies ensured that they regretfully watched the ruins of those Nations as impotent giants as all they could muster were half-hearted oratorical responses. Of course it came back to haunt them. All of them got served one way or another, the devastating and awfully sour War buffet: the attack on pearl Harbour in The US, 1940 invasions of Britain and France and 1941 invasion of Russia as quick instances.

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Let me state quite clearly that I’m not a very massive fan of the game of Basketball. In fact, I know only just a little bit about the game but just so you know, my “just a little bit” knowledge of the game is about the same as my knowledge of the genetic makeup of a Unicorn. With this deeply embedded in your mind, I’d go on and resist the temptation of attempting to run an expert commentary on this subject. This is why this write up is more about a man who plays the game and not the game itself. A man who’s quite outspoken and bold about his Christian faith.

“Each game is an opportunity to be on a great stage and be a witness for Christ. When I step on the floor, people should know who I represent, who I believe in”- Wardell Stephen Curry

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A lot more than what meets the eye happens when a Penalty kick is taken in football. Let’s attempt to zoom in and critically dissect the act.

There is probably no event in sports more mentally paralysing and exhausting than football’s penalty shootout. Personally due to lack of courage, I flatly decline to take any of the kicks in those few times I get to play football and the game results in a shootout. Excruciating for players, coaches and supporters alike. Worse still, finishing on the losing side could be very traumatizing. If the score is tied at the end of regulation and remains tied after two 15−minute extra periods, this arbitrary and unsatisfactory way of forcing contests to a conclusion is adopted.

No penalty is made equal: The bigger the stage and the more valuable the prize, the greater the pressure and anxiety.

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Whether it’s a simple biopsy or it’s the 103-hour long separation of the 11 month old Singaporean conjoined twins, Ganga and Jamuna Shrestha in 2001 or maybe even Surgeon Leonid Rogozoi’s “Self-appendectomy” in 1961 while on a research mission to Antarctica- Surgery has occupied the very apex of the Medical field and by extension, surgeons have been profoundly venerated.

The Christian life is one with perfection as its focal point and Heaven as the ultimate target. It therefore follows that to accomplish that daunting objective in such an astonishingly perverse world, such a life requires as Artiste Chris Delvan puts it; Working, Changing, Renewing, Redirecting, Bringing, Reorganizing, Moving, Gathering, Propelling, Reassessing, Advancing, Transforming and sometimes Uprooting everything in obedience to Christ. All these demand being worked upon by someone higher. That train of thought leads us to agreeing with Jesus Christ’s decision to refer our cases to the one surgeon who has answers to all and finds nothing “inoperable”- The Holy Spirit (John 14 : 15-31).

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