Disunity really is bad business

Let’s take a trip down a painful memory lane shall we?

From 1939 to 1945, the deaths of 80 million+ people was an indicator that The World had witnessed her bloodiest and deadliest conflict ever. It was brutality and destruction on some very astronomical scales. At its epicentre was an Austrian-born German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. Hitler, together with his well-drilled, well-indoctrinated and cold-blooded Nazi army, marched almost effortlessly into Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Ruthlessly destroying those Nations at a speed that shocked the assailants themselves. This happened right under the noses of the Superpowers; (US, Britain, France and The Soviet Union; now Russia). Their silence and inability to unite under the anti-war umbrella plus their different political ideologies ensured that they regretfully watched the ruins of those Nations as impotent giants as all they could muster were half-hearted oratorical responses. Of course it came back to haunt them. All of them got served one way or another, the devastating and awfully sour War buffet: the attack on pearl Harbour in The US, 1940 invasions of Britain and France and 1941 invasion of Russia as quick instances.

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Timeless God

One of the greatest mindboggling concepts that I have never been able to completely wrap my head around is that of time. Several physicists, philosophers and theologians even, have since forever, tried very desperately, to untangle the threads of this enigma, one that didn’t exist until Genesis 1:1.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

We live in a physical world governed by four known space-time dimensions: length, width, depth and time. God is not limited by the physical laws (including time) that govern our world.
The above verse reveals that God existed/had been existing before the beginning of time. As you (reader of this article) can tell, I’m encountered with a conundrum on what the proper tense for such a verb (exist), describing an action that has already been going on, since before time, should be. Truth be told, it is an open secret that language is flawed: making provision for a tense that describes actions that are past, present and future; but reserving none for actions that have been going on before time (i.e. before the past) and that are yet still continuous (Rev 1:8). This would explain His reply to Moses in Exodus 3:14.

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