Let me state quite clearly that I’m not a very massive fan of the game of Basketball. In fact, I know only just a little bit about the game but just so you know, my “just a little bit” knowledge of the game is about the same as my knowledge of the genetic makeup of a Unicorn. With this deeply embedded in your mind, I’d go on and resist the temptation of attempting to run an expert commentary on this subject. This is why this write up is more about a man who plays the game and not the game itself. A man who’s quite outspoken and bold about his Christian faith.

“Each game is an opportunity to be on a great stage and be a witness for Christ. When I step on the floor, people should know who I represent, who I believe in”- Wardell Stephen Curry

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A lot more than what meets the eye happens when a Penalty kick is taken in football. Let’s attempt to zoom in and critically dissect the act.

There is probably no event in sports more mentally paralysing and exhausting than football’s penalty shootout. Personally due to lack of courage, I flatly decline to take any of the kicks in those few times I get to play football and the game results in a shootout. Excruciating for players, coaches and supporters alike. Worse still, finishing on the losing side could be very traumatizing. If the score is tied at the end of regulation and remains tied after two 15−minute extra periods, this arbitrary and unsatisfactory way of forcing contests to a conclusion is adopted.

No penalty is made equal: The bigger the stage and the more valuable the prize, the greater the pressure and anxiety.

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Whether it’s a simple biopsy or it’s the 103-hour long separation of the 11 month old Singaporean conjoined twins, Ganga and Jamuna Shrestha in 2001 or maybe even Surgeon Leonid Rogozoi’s “Self-appendectomy” in 1961 while on a research mission to Antarctica- Surgery has occupied the very apex of the Medical field and by extension, surgeons have been profoundly venerated.

The Christian life is one with perfection as its focal point and Heaven as the ultimate target. It therefore follows that to accomplish that daunting objective in such an astonishingly perverse world, such a life requires as Artiste Chris Delvan puts it; Working, Changing, Renewing, Redirecting, Bringing, Reorganizing, Moving, Gathering, Propelling, Reassessing, Advancing, Transforming and sometimes Uprooting everything in obedience to Christ. All these demand being worked upon by someone higher. That train of thought leads us to agreeing with Jesus Christ’s decision to refer our cases to the one surgeon who has answers to all and finds nothing “inoperable”- The Holy Spirit (John 14 : 15-31).

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Created to Create

Elohim, the Hebrew word for God that appears in the very first sentence of the Bible, gives an insight into God’s creative power. He, Elohim, was able to create out of nothing, everything; not with his hands, but with words that helped materialize the creativity that was already resident in His mind. In essence, God, before the actual creation commenced, had already imagined/conceived creation. Some may argue against God having a mind. Consider the following verses and the capitalized words therein:

For I know the THOUGHTS that I THINK toward you, saith the Lord, THOUGHTS of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11 KJV.

For who hath known the MIND of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ. 1 Cor. 2:16 KJV.

To most it is old news that we were created in the image and likeness of Elohim (Gen 1:26). Since this is the case, it is therefore not bizarre to conclude that we were created to create (because our Creator created creators).

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Old articles

Timeless God

One of the greatest mindboggling concepts that I have never been able to completely wrap my head around is that of time. Several physicists, philosophers and theologians even, have since forever, tried very desperately, to untangle the threads of this enigma, one that didn’t exist until Genesis 1:1.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

We live in a physical world governed by four known space-time dimensions: length, width, depth and time. God is not limited by the physical laws (including time) that govern our world.
The above verse reveals that God existed/had been existing before the beginning of time. As you (reader of this article) can tell, I’m encountered with a conundrum on what the proper tense for such a verb (exist), describing an action that has already been going on, since before time, should be. Truth be told, it is an open secret that language is flawed: making provision for a tense that describes actions that are past, present and future; but reserving none for actions that have been going on before time (i.e. before the past) and that are yet still continuous (Rev 1:8). This would explain His reply to Moses in Exodus 3:14.

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New articles

Time: One of the most misused assets

Time is one of the gifts God uniformly gave us all without anyone having more of it than the other (the rich and the poor have equally). The irony of it all is that it is one of the recurrent few opportunities that is very easy to mismanage and get the chunk of it wasted, yet we all clamor that we need more time. God cannot be more generous than the 24 hours a day He has given us all. Life is all about investments. Whether you believe it or not we spend most of our lives investing. In our relationships with people, our discussions, our moving around, our reading/studying or even while eating or sleeping (as funny as it sounds) we are all investing. The only factor connecting all these forms of investment is time.

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Michael’s medical school adventures (Part 1)

Catch a glimpse of Michael’s day to day medical school adventures in this series. The way things are going, one of these days, Michael may soon end up on the stretcher.

Michael nodded his head repeatedly as the cardiology fellow spoke during the morning’s ward round. It was almost as if his nodding was synchronous with his heart beat, a clinical sign the cardiologists would refer to as the deMusset’s sign. His bobbing, however, wasn’t due to any underlying heart pathology. On the contrary, he noticed that each time the consultant, Dr. A.C. Rimony, said something over his head and he nodded in agreement, she seemed to be somewhat encouraged that at least someone understood what she was saying. She would then no longer have to spend more time explaining and would move on to the next topic of discourse.
What happened next was completely unexpected.
Michael had completely adhered to every rule in the best seller student handbook “How to have a smooth clinical posting” by Dami J., an alumnus of his school. He always stood at the back during the ward rounds; never raised his hand whenever questions were thrown to the audience at grand rounds; and always left his name tag back in his dorm room, so that he’d never have to wear it. He lived by every word that was written in the book, so he had nothing to fear, or so he thought. His unprecedented nodding must have changed everything.

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