The marriage I desire

The marriage I desire is not mere fantasy.
It is neither bizarre nor exorbitant.
It is simply a marriage where respect is fuelled by love and not compulsion.
Where we are joyfully enslaved by vows and bound by trust.
Where challenges are foci for dissemination of  strengths and disagreements are cured by smiles.
Where our bones understand the language in our voices and our ears understand the sounds of our heart beats.
Where we work along the dark streets of uncertainties unafraid because our feet is stable on the palms of the Almighty.
Where for the rest of our lives,the molecules in our breaths are excited to meet and our bodies find solace in each other’s embrace.
Where every ground feels our unanimous impact and circumstances are transformed by our cooperative prayers.
Where our potentials are deployed and our oneness is unquestionable.
It is a union that the universe will be grateful for and heaven will be pleased that it brought us together.


Introducing… Naked & Unafraid

Starting from next Sunday, CANDENTIA Blog will begin a new weekly segment, Naked & Unafraid.

On this platform, questions regarding delicate subjects will be raised and case studies (whether real or hypothetical) will be put forward for your appraisal.
Here’s the deal: You are allowed to be completely and unapologetically bare about your opinions. You never know what a person can learn.

Rules of the Game

  1. All comments should relate directly to the subject matter.
  2. No comment should be directed against any individual.
  3. Every individual’s point of view should be respected.
  4. Offenders of the above set rules should be ignored so as to keep the flow of discourse.

Stalk this space every Sunday!

NB. If you have questions relating to this segment you’d like to throw to the floor, do not hesitate to reach to us through our Talk to a human page.

Money in the Bank (by Olubusola Oladeinde)

People go through life not knowing what to get. Men walk the face of the earth thinking “Where would my resources come from?” But there is money in the bank waiting for the men of the earth. This money in the bank is sitting gathering dust. In order to get, one must draw near, but before one draws near, he must heed the call of another.

Men of the earth, O men of the earth!
The first man doesn’t know if there is money or not. He can’t hear people calling out. So, he never discovers that the money is gathering dust.

The second man knows. He has heard whispers but he doesn’t know where to look. He’s not covering the distance; he’s not drawing near.

The third man, the ignorant third man. He knows where the bank is but chooses to be uninterested, thinking, “Why should I draw near? Why should I receive?”
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Look within (by Hohenheim)

There was once a king in a distant land, his city was excellent yet he desired more. In that region, his kingdom was one of many Kingdoms; all more splendid than his, so glorious and wonderful than any thought could fathom. This king, day after day stood at the wall of his kingdom gazing over the vast land into these other kingdoms admiring their beauty, their splendour and their unimaginable greatness. With each day that passed, with each gaze, his heart grew sour, full of sadness and despair and he desired more than anything for his kingdom to be like these kingdoms in their statures as he thought nothing could be more than these. So he set out to fulfill his desire and employed every art and science to achieve this goal. Still unable to fulfill his desire, he grew more and more frustrated and so, he sought the help of magic.
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Dear Sex,
From your posts on Instagram, I understand you’re doing really great. Today, I’m writing to you because I feel it’s high time someone told you the truth about yourself.

Honestly, to most citizens of the Unmarried State, you are cool, welcoming and wonderful. You are exciting, engaging and satisfactory. I must say, that’s really commendable.
Nevertheless, I hold a few resentments against you. You are largely deceptive. First you’ve artfully convinced most people in this state into believing that your second name is ‘love’. You didn’t stop there. You went on to coerce them to rain applauses on you, cheering you by the nicknames you carved up for yourself and day after day they hail ‘’ …and here comes ultimate ROMANCE..’’ ‘’Let’s welcome almighty FUN, the commander of pleasures!’’

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“I wonder sometimes that if I was born into a Muslim home, will I be a Christian today?” – IWEDI CHIKESILEM

We welcome you to another Spotlight interview. We will be considering an entirely abstruse character of a different class and gender than our last. I don’t know about you guys but since his arrival at the ABUAD complex here in Ido, he has always been sort of a puzzle to me. Hence, my referral to him earlier as abstruse. However, I don’t doubt that this is young man is the kind of person that seldom ever leaves a place without leaving a lasting impression.

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La dolce vita; Italian for the sweet life or the good life, is a 1960 Italian drama film which shows Marcello Rubini, a journalist writing for gossip magazines, over seven days and nights on his journey through the “sweet life” of Rome in a fruitless search for love and happiness.

Like Marcello, a lot of us are leading fruitless lives, sadly more than seven days and nights. Love and happiness are important ingredients that spice up life and make it worth living. They are not magical feelings meant for a selected few, contrary to the beliefs of some people. That conclusion comes about when we become exhausted, constantly searching for the right thing(s) in the wrong place(s) or doing the right thing(s) too little or too much.

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