The Great lie

In man there are myriad serpents.

So many lies compound the human heart, so many deceptions flood his mind. Man is mistaken about a lot of things, from the way he perceives himself and others to the world at large. He sees himself as flesh and bone.

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Editorial Day 2017!


The poster says it all! For the first time in history, the editorial boards of EKSUTH (Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital) and ABUAD (Afe Babalola University, Ado) will be collaborating on an Editorial Day.

Our Roster is already full with a lot of exhilarating performances and presentations from many talented medical students,of both universities. Just two hours, and it is guaranteed to be worth every minute of your time. Save the date and make it a date with us. God Bless!

NB. If you’d like to participate actively in one of the categories of events slated for that day, do not fail to reach us through our Talk to a human page

The “I” of the Beholder

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

The above is a common maxim which we are all familiar with no known soul as its proprietor. It was known to first appear in 3rd century BC in Greek. The eye is commonly referred to as the organ of visual perception. However, do we really see with our eyes? Are they not simply receptors, looking glasses through which the mind perceives reality? If I were to quote another not so common saying by David Humes, “the beauty of things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.” If I were to rephrase the first quote based on this premise, I would say that beauty is in the “I” of the beholder. The “I” here being the mind, which is the true being or person, the observer. We are not here however, to talk on the subjective nature of beauty but of reality itself.  Continue reading “The “I” of the Beholder”

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