Editorial Day 2017: The Joint Celebration.

Weeks of meticulous planning had gone by; posters had been put up at strategic locations within the ABUAD Medical complex at Ido-Ekiti and messages had been sent to virtually every WhatsApp group chat which had an editorial board member on it. Finally, the day of celebration had come. It was the 9th day of the month of September and you could feel the anticipation in the air.

People began to trickle into the auditorium as early as 2:30pm to take their seats while some soothing music played in the background.

Early birds… L – R: Ireoluwatomisona Adeniyi (ABUAD), Olamide Adelugba (one of our special guests) and Oluwaseun Adelugba (ABUAD).

The programme began around 4pm with the opening prayers said by Blessing Aguda,

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Editorial Trivia (July episode): Say something, win something!


Congratulations to the winner of this episode: JAMIKE EKENNIA

Hey there! So, it’s that time of the month when you get to win freebies from the Candentia blog.

Trivia questions

1. Alluding to the article “I” of the beholder”, who is Sigmund Freud and what does the “I” in the title refer to?
2. Who authored these words, “Listen to the whispers of the wind, the chanting of the birds, the clapping of your trees and the humming of your souls”?
3. Who is Michael’s group rep?
4. The Chapter’s inauguration held on what day?
5. Who was the athlete talked about in the write up, “Balling for Christ”?

The rules are very simple. All you have to do is answer at least one (1) trivia question inside the form down here👇, hit submit and stand a chance to win something from us. Don’t be shy, your answers are not public.😂

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