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“The major thing that inspires my decisions is fear of failure”- Gift Onuh

She walked in dressed in a black peplum top and blue midi skirt with her mobile phone in hand. The appearance subtly gives an exposé about the personality of this character. Simplicity seems to be her sophistication. A down-to-earth yet confident look with a charming smile to match was difficult to miss.

A lady of amiable charisma and gentle spirit. She’s a devout chorister blessed with a soft resonant voice. She’s the ever fervent 400LA CMDA class coordinator, Gift Onuh.

4. No crime against taken a brief photo-op just before a fascianting tete-a-tete.JPG
Absolutely no crime in a quick photo-op before a real nice chat. L-R; Blessing Ibe, Gift Onuh and Betty Olowokere

Candentia correspondents Betty and Blessing engaged her in what was truly a fascinating chat. Excerpts below

BLESSING: Hello, please introduce yourself.

GIFT: I am Onuh Gift. I am the second of five children. I’m of the Igala tribe in Kogi state but I’m resident in Nasarawa state. I am a little above 19 years old.

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So, I watch Game of Thrones…


Beyond the exhilarating tussle amongst the various nobles and exiled heiress (aka. Daenarys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regnant of the Seven kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons) for the illustrious Iron throne, the show has caught the attention of many for reasons other than its remarkable plot. It is quite difficult to miss the gratuitous bouts of sexual raunchiness, extreme bloody violence and the ubiquitous depictions of cultural and religious taboos that shadow the HBO chef d’oeuvre.

In a bid to protect another similarly vulnerable ‘Iron throne’ housed within the confines of my skull’s red keep, I have wrestled with the decision on whether or not to watch the blockbuster a myriad of times. The series has in fact cycled between the recycle bin and video folder of my computer a couple of times. My surmise was that, one can only see so many gory decapitations and rapes before thoughts related to the aforementioned become implanted in the maze of his mind, seeking an escape route to a less ephemeral and more tangible aspect of his humanity, expression.

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The Gospel on the frontline

The Climax of the movie ‘Selma’ (2014) saw Actor David Oyelowo re-enact Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s passionate speech on the steps of the Alabama State Capitol after a successful march in March 1965. He recited the first stanza of what is now known as the ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’.

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord…” he cried. Then with “Glory Hallelujah! His (God’s) truth is matching on,” he roared in conclusion, sending his audience into raptures and earning himself a rousing ovation.

They had won!

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Editorial Trivia (July episode): Say something, win something!


Congratulations to the winner of this episode: Jamike Ekennia

Hey there! So, it’s that time of the month when you get to win freebies from the Candentia blog.

Trivia questions

1. Alluding to the article “I” of the beholder”, who is Sigmund Freud and what does the “I” in the title refer to?
2. Who authored these words, “Listen to the whispers of the wind, the chanting of the birds, the clapping of your trees and the humming of your souls”?
3. Who is Michael’s group rep?
4. The Chapter’s inauguration held on what day?
5. Who was the athlete talked about in the write up, “Balling for Christ”?

The rules are very simple. All you have to do is answer at least one (1) trivia question inside the form down here👇, hit submit and stand a chance to win something from us. Don’t be shy, your answers are not public.😂

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The feeling of sorrow is addictive
The endless want to stay down
Yet another force tells you its not real
Even though it is evident that we are bound.
Hearing two voices in the same body
One from the mind and the other the heart
Problem is we only have one mouth
And the choice of which voice comes out makes what it is saying real.
The exasperating need for silence to listen
So we can hear the sounds of the leaves dropping to the ground, creaking
Our heads have become a path of some kind
For the legs of many thoughts running through our mind
Where am I from? Who am I?
What is purpose and what purpose have I?
I’ve everything … philosophy, science and I’ve even studied with my own eyes
Everything seems close to the truth, but then anything that isn’t…is a lie
God! Are you out there?
I’ve hit the dead end, nothing seems clear
I can’t win this war going on in my head
Please, say something… Its a matter of life and death…
While I say these things, I feel a tug in my heart
No…not a tug. Its like a knock…in my heart
I listen deeper in the silence I so craved
I hear “For God so loved the world that He gave…”
I don’t understand, I ponder
Then I quit, I’ve tried this natural way too long… No longer
I must accept this, maybe I’ll understand later
I’ve got nothing to lose, It’s now or never.

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From the FD: Get a Tee, join the revolution

The Financial department is pleased to reintroduce the sales of the CMDA tees and sweatshirts, particularly in view of the upcoming Missions rural outreach beginning on the last week of August. The tees and sweatshirts would be the official look of the members during that period and any other official outing of the Chapter.
The prices for 1 of each are;
• T-shirt: N4,000
• Sweatshirt: N6,000

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The “I” of the Beholder

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

The above is a common maxim which we are all familiar with no known soul as its proprietor. It was known to first appear in 3rd century BC in Greek. The eye is commonly referred to as the organ of visual perception. However, do we really see with our eyes? Are they not simply receptors, looking glasses through which the mind perceives reality? If I were to quote another not so common saying by David Humes, “the beauty of things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.” If I were to rephrase the first quote based on this premise, I would say that beauty is in the “I” of the beholder. The “I” here being the mind, which is the true being or person, the observer. We are not here however, to talk on the subjective nature of beauty but of reality itself.  Continue reading “The “I” of the Beholder”

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Disunity really is bad business

Let’s take a trip down a painful memory lane shall we?

From 1939 to 1945, the deaths of 80 million+ people was an indicator that The World had witnessed her bloodiest and deadliest conflict ever. It was brutality and destruction on some very astronomical scales. At its epicentre was an Austrian-born German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. Hitler, together with his well-drilled, well-indoctrinated and cold-blooded Nazi army, marched almost effortlessly into Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Ruthlessly destroying those Nations at a speed that shocked the assailants themselves. This happened right under the noses of the Superpowers; (US, Britain, France and The Soviet Union; now Russia). Their silence and inability to unite under the anti-war umbrella plus their different political ideologies ensured that they regretfully watched the ruins of those Nations as impotent giants as all they could muster were half-hearted oratorical responses. Of course it came back to haunt them. All of them got served one way or another, the devastating and awfully sour War buffet: the attack on pearl Harbour in The US, 1940 invasions of Britain and France and 1941 invasion of Russia as quick instances.

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